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 Forex Bible System

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PostSubject: Forex Bible System   Sat May 28, 2011 1:43 pm

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Forex Bible System

Arlight. I've got a nice zipped file for you guys with a manual and
picture inside to help you trade and know what signals are valid.
Version 3 of the bible system is a good one with many changes from the

I've also changed the TP, SL and valid signal entry levels. Everything is improved and should give you good results.

I've attached a manual that tells you what has worked best for me but
this does not mean this system is only tradable using these
instructions. I'm all about consistency and that's what I've come up
with in these trading instructions.

A trader that is consistent in his rules is a successful trader. This is what I'm trying to help you accomplish with this trading strategy.

I have heavily modified the original version of the software quite a bit
to help the system become more profitable. This may be the final
version. I've
Installation instructions.

Extract all the files ending in .ex4 and .mq4 into programfiles/IBFX/experts/indicators folder.

(If IBFX is not your broker find your broker folder in Program Files.)

The template file ending in .tpl needs to go into programfiles/IBFX/templates folder.

That's in on the installation.

Trading least what works for me.

-1 trade a day each pair win or loss
-40 pip TP on each trade.
-SL, Signal in opposite direction.
-Wait for only valid signal as shown in the pic to up your win %
- Trade only EU and GU
-start trading at 6 am EST and wait till you find your trades. Usually with in 3 hours you're done.
- have discipline and keep to the strategy.

What this method can achieve.

The golden figure
only lets me do a visual back test for 1 month per pair but last month
alone both pairs combined pulled in +1262 pips. +709 pips on the EU and
+553 on the GU.

An example of the power of this system. The EURUSD pair had 11 straight days of 40 pip profits. 440 pips in 11 days.

I do not know how
past months are but I would guess that this system could pull in an
average of about 1000 pips per month. This may not be enough for some
traders but it is for me.

If some of you are
having trouble finding a consistent strategy or want one for that matter
here's you're ride. This strategy should work well long term with this
system and does bring in a good amount of pips per month.

Happy Trading and
Good luck!"

Second update post...

Hi everyone!
I would like to post my personal template for everyone to use. This
template incorporates changes made by FXhermit and myself. I feel that
the changed make this system a very good range trader. I'm not going to
place any rules. Figure out what works best for you.

Watch the trend lines and S/R indicators carefully. This will
allow you to place a higher probable trade when you get a signal. These 2
indicators make the system shine so use them.

Best of luck people. Hope you enjoy the new template.

original post....

As a gift to the forum for the Holidays I've decided to share my
pride and joy system. I think this is one of the best costume built
Manuel systems ever created.

My last thread Titled "Easy Trend/Indicator" used just one of the
indicators from this system. So those using that indicator might find
this thread a treat.

I'm sharing it with the forum so we can talk about the best method of
using it. I think the system rules are a good starting point but don't
think they let the shine to it's full potential.

The system was last seen being sold on the Internet for $97 back in late
9/2009. I actually purchased it online before it was sold out and saw
that it had amazing potential. It came with a manual but I felt that the
trading instructions didn't give the system justice. They are a good
starting point but I think us testing it here we can expand it into a
simi holy grail system.

I saw the creators of this system bring a live account from $700 to a
profit of 60k in 23 days using this system but they were not trading the
system rules that are attached. I never asked how they were trading
this system. I wish I would have. It seemed as though they were taking
about 2-5 trades per day. The live account showed no losses all the way
up to the profit of 60k. From what I remember there were quit a few
break even trades so it makes me think there was still a trailing stop
used in there trading style.

Some people thought the system was a scam. I believe that the people
that thought it was a scam were the ones that did not buy the system and
were skeptical. I did not. The Creator seemed like a good guy and
responded to emails very quickly. I'm not sure why he stopped selling
this system but if I were making 60k in 23 days I can see why he didn't
need the website.

Back a year ago, I actually asked the creator about him not using the
system rules in the manual and he said to me that because he knew the
system so well he could take trades that were not precise entry's. He
said that they were not recommended though. I don't know if this helps
some of you but lets try to work together to see what trading rules work
best for this awesome system.

I've had some great trades using this system but I think it's profitability can be expanded even further. Lets' work together.

If I catch any body selling any aspect of this system online I
will have there ass toasted! I look quit often so don't think I can't

This is to be used by the community for trading not for selling unless you are the creator of this system! Thank you.

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Membership NO : 3
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PostSubject: Re: Forex Bible System   Sat May 28, 2011 1:44 pm

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thank you for sharing this system, what i have found is that it works
grate on 5m with 10 pips stop loss and 7 pips ts and only trade in the
direction of m15 and this is a very popular system in asia ans also you
can go to and see how other people are using this!

Cheers and happy xmas and nex year full of pips!

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Real Money Doubling Forex Robot Fap Turbo - Sells Like Candy!



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Membership NO : 3
Posts : 574
Join date : 2011-04-12

PostSubject: Re: Forex Bible System   Sat May 28, 2011 1:44 pm

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of money."
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What differentiate these elite people in forex from ordinary people is
that they don't just make money - they built their prosperity and rich,
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Questions & Answers
Q: Can beginners use Forex Bible System to protect their profits?

A: Absolutely. This tool will benefit both newbie and veteran
traders. As you've already seen it is very easy to use but very powerful
and active in protecting your trading account.

Q: What type of traders need the Forex Bible System on their side?
A: There are several types of traders that need the Forex Bible
System: Traders who trade manually; traders who use automated trading
robots; traders who use a signal service provider; account managers and
fund traders (both manual and automated trading).

Q: Will I need to pay a monthly fee to use Forex Bible System?
A: No! You only pay a one-time fee, and never have to pay again, this valuable tool is your to keep.

Q: Is Forex Bible System illegal to use?
A: No! It is perfectly legal. Your trading strategy is your
property. The data you provide to your broker is voluntary and now you
can be sure it is not used against you.

Q: Is Forex Bible System compatible with my current Forex software?
A: Forex Bible System is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Q: I’m not a computer geek. Is Forex Bible System easy to install?
A: It is the easiest tool to install and use, and you receive a
comprehensive, detailed step-by-step instruction manual. We made this
manual fool-proof so you've nothing to worry about.

Q: Why are you making these strategies available to the public if they are so successful?
A: First of all we are only making a limited amount of copies
available, once they are gone then we are afraid this site will be
closed. Helping these few traders will not affect my trading in the

Q: How much money do I need to get started with forex?
A: You can open a forex account and get started with as little as
$100, however we highly recommend you demo trade and gain confidence
before risking any real money in the market.

Q: The Forex Bible sold out before I managed to order a copy, is there anything you can do?
A: No, we are afraid once the last copy is sold there is nothing
we can do, if you see the message "SOLD OUT" instead of the order button
then you are too late!

ForeBible Manual Trading System
(Attention: This is a manual trading system not automated. )
Real Money Doubling Forex Robot Fap Turbo - Sells Like Candy!


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Forex Bible System

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