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 Trading Made Simple EA by Guess Whom

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PostSubject: Trading Made Simple EA by Guess Whom   Sat May 28, 2011 2:20 pm

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Trading Made Simple EA by Guess Whom

I received this pm earlier today:

"Hi Steve
I’m sure you’re aware of
the Trading Made Simple thread and I know that eelfranz has requested
that contributors reframe from posting EA’s and indicators, but from my
manual back testing there is a way to trade this so that it can be
automated and very profitable.

Unfortunately, I’m no
coder so all I can specify is the rules and the indicators that contain
the code to be built into the EA. It’s nowhere near as complicated as
some of the other bots that you’ve created and worked your magic on.

TDI Green Red - from the Trading Made Simple thread
Synergy_APB - from the Trading Made Simple thread
Simple MA 5 shifted 2 – standard MT4
Lawgirls trend display v1.02 – Lawgirls Trading Naked thread

The trading rules are as follows;
Entry for BUY if
green crosses red,
And green is angled between 1 & 2 on a clock face (Law girls ind has this logic as it’s used to display RSI arrows)
And Synergy candle is coloured Blue (buy)
And previous blue candle has closed above the shifted SMA
If the last 2 conditions
aren’t met wait for candle to close and then test again. Abandon after
that (i.e. ignore trade if you’re having to read the 3rd candle after
the green red cross)

SL is n pips (n selectable) below the last but one candle (i.e. if trade opens on candle 0, SL is low of candle -2)
Once trade is positive by 20 pips, trail the stop to the bottom of the previous Blue candle.
Exit when SL hit or candle closes below the SMA.
For SELLs same rules, but in opposite direction.
I’ve been testing this
on 4hrs, multiple currency pairs and seems very profitable. The angle of
the green keeps you out of ranging trades and the exits maximise the

I can’t easily forward
test this in demo, as my job means I’m out of the house 7am-6pm and I’m
not allowed mobile or PC access whilst at work.
Hence an EA is the only way I’ll be able to run this (bar time off).
I'm presuming that the
code from the indicators can be lifted in some way, and that the tops
and bottoms of the candles are easily identifed (I appreciate that
seeing them on a screen and the code to generate them maynot be as
straight forward)

Hope this hasn’t been too much of an intrusion.
Look forward to your
response (not including 2, 4 & 5 above !!!) and happy to answer any
question or clarification that you may require.

Thanks SP"

I had a few minutes to spare, and so I knocked together the attached. A few points to note:

  • I have ignored the Synergy stuff and simply measured whether candles are rising or falling.
  • I have not coded the candlestick trailing stop - couldn't be bothered.
  • The EA is a marginal loser in backtesting. This is never a good
    sign, but I might have mis-coded something, or it may be that the
    candlestick ts is vitally important.
  • I have not read the thread that inspired the contributor to pm me, and so have coded what I was sent, sort-of.
  • I do not have any interest in this, and coded it because I was bored, not interested in the strategy.
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Trading Made Simple EA by Guess Whom

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