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 FLAT Bollinger Band System

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PostSubject: FLAT Bollinger Band System   Sat May 28, 2011 2:42 pm

FLAT Bollinger Band System
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Flat Bollinger Band (BB) System. For the basic we use TF H1.

Parameters for H1 as below:

Bollinger Band 24 (24 hour) for daily apply HLCC/4
Bollinger Band 120 (120 hour) for weekly apply HLCC/4
Bollinger Band 480 (480 hour) for monthly apply HLCC/4

Then check, any one of that three BB is in FLAT condition?

If no one FLAT you need to wait or go to others pairs.

If you found one of three BB is FLAT! then... Check the price position!

Is price now on the lower or upper area of that FLAT BB? If yes.. check is the price now rebound? If Yes you can entry here.

How do we know she is now rebound? Until this point actually we can use
any indicator. The very important is, now we know that BB is FLAT and we
know the price position!

But normally we use Simple Moving Average (SMA) only. In H1
We can use MA4 cross MA8 and entry. Sorry for MACD below, actually that
is not use! But if you want to use MACD plase set parameter to 4,8,1
(for H1 only)

If you want to entry in M15 you can use MA16 cross MA32 (H1 = 4 x M15) or MACD 16,32,1

Attached Thumbnails

This is BB Monthly and using 2 band,
standard deviation 1 (SD1) and standard deviation 2 (SD2). See the price
pullback from band SD1 and SD2 of Monthly Bollinger Band.

Attached Thumbnails

Let check on CHF

Attached Thumbnails

let we see on small TF below (M15) using
BB daily. If on H1 we use BB 24, so on M15 we use BB 96 Just to see
clearly the entry point.

Attached Thumbnails

Why we use Bollinger Band? We used
Bollinger Bands is to determine the strength of price movement. In the
BB indicator, the middle band actually is the Moving Average, Upper Band
is a limit on the standard deviation or positive and Lower band is the
standard deviation under the limit or negative.

We need to understand the meaning the value of the standard deviation (about this I believe that you more understand).

* The value 1 means the primary distribution of data between the level of +1 SD and -1 SD probabilitynya is 68.27%.

* 2 SD value means the distribution of data between levels +2 SD and -2 SD probabilitynya is 95.45%.

* The value 3 means SD of the distribution of data-level SD +3 SD and -3 probabilitynya is 99.73%.

So if found the BB FLAT and price playing around upper or lower BB SD3
that mean probability return to the center of BB is very high. That why
we use this. On big map like monthly BB we often found price can not
break SD1. This also chance for entry.

More about BB please see

Attached Thumbnails

OK now you can download the FLAT indi below and my template for H1.
4 M = for 4 month period. 8 H = for 8 hours (may be some time we need this)

For template:
Red color is BB daily (period 24)
Blue color is BB weekly (period 120)
Yellow is BB Monthly (period 480)

1 day 24 hours
1 week 24 x 5 days = 120 hours
1 month 120 x 4 weeks = 480 hours (use simple calculation)

Flat detector: (for weekly on page 2)
Yellow = Flat
Blue = Bull
Red = Bear

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FLAT Bollinger Band System

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