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 Happs Trading System

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PostSubject: Happs Trading System   Sat May 28, 2011 2:57 pm

Happs Trading System
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Happs is a new venture, which combines
price levels derived from the Historical Open, High, and Low, of a given
pair, with phase levels derived from Fib ratios.

Happs is different from any other phase type system in the sense that it
requires no new adjustments from the month to month. Its levels are
static, unless a new historical high or low has been made in a pair. In
this case, it would need to be recalculated.

Happs also combines concepts of Supply and Demand with S/R pivot trading
into one system. I believe both of these concepts need to be understood
and taken into consideration in order to make consistently effective

There is a little bit of a learning curve here, but its not rocket science.

The complete explanation of the system, including its process of development, is provided in the text document below.

The other text document talks exclusively about the Supply/Demand side of Happs.

This is a newly developed system-but I hope people will find it
interesting, useful, and helpful. If it makes sense to you, and it works
in demo-then great! But always demo trade first!

The template below is for the Eur/Usd alone. Happs should be
applicable to any pair, but the template for every pair needs to made
individually, and it is quite a long and tedious process to do so.

The template provided also only has the complete levels filled in down
to the historical opening. If and when price gets down that low, I'll
complete the chart.

I'm hoping at some point it can be coded as an indicator, so the
historical high, low, and opening can be input, and all the levels will
appear automatically. We'll see.

Always happy to answer questions. Thanks, enjoy.




Due to differences in the hist. opening price of various brokers,
to make things more objective, and to keep everyone on the same page
with their values, instead of using the historical opening for the
middle value, we're simply using the average between the high and the
low price. The basic harmonics at work come through just as well this
way, and it elimates a great deal of confusion and problems.

Pat has created a great Indicator for this system, which is still a bit
of a work in progress, but its working fine. Just place it on any pair,
input the high, low, and average of the high and low, where you see the
"Open" value on the indicator. I'm inlcuding the indicator below, as
well as the preset templates for the EU and the GU.

Thanks very much to Pat for the great work!
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So here is a simple breakdown of the system, which I will post in a series of charts.

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Happs Trading System

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