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 Practical Paediatric Problems A Textbook for MRCPCH new editio

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PostSubject: Practical Paediatric Problems A Textbook for MRCPCH new editio   Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:08 pm

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This book is important for all paediatric doctors interested by MRCPCK now we will give you some data about it

The challenge dependent strategy with the book is definitely the reader with a little different aspects from that based in the common method dependent book. Junior doctors handle and also study from dealing with
children with difficulties which this means this textbook using its alternate strategy or methods would have been a helpful extra source of guidance and aid or help to a lot of starting off their professions in paediatrics. I would highly recommend this textual content to postgraduate physicians coming over to paediatrics (FY1 & 2) and also to thesebeginning in their education posts and studying for theMRCPCH. -- Scottish Medical Journal 20060803


Product Description
This innovative text, modelled on the current RCPCH syllabus for paediatric training, provides all the information that the senior house officer and specialist registrar in paediatrics will need during training and when preparing for the MRCPCH examination. A series of chapters discussing general principles in paediatric medicine is followed by a section covering the problems associated with the major body systems. Each chapter within this latter section is divided into three elements. Element A covers the background basic science to the particular problems being discussed in the chapter, including basic embryology and anatomy, biology and physiology. A description of the techniques involved in investigation where these will be critical to the diagnoses that follow is also included here; Element B presents the core system problems for the chapter. Tables are provided to summarise the different causes, classifications and differential diagnoses, clinical features, key investigations, therapeutic options and outcomes.Concise supporting text provides more detailed information where appropriate. Selected short case histories are also included to highlight the key issues covered in the chapter. Element C is a concise bibliography, incorporating a short series of key primary papers and review articles and suggestions for further reading. Subjects covered under general principles include developmental paediatrics, behavioural issues and learning difficulties, community paediatrics and clinical pharmacology. Clinical chapters include the respiratory, cardiovascular,endocrine and all of other body systems. Haematology, oncology, psychiatry, surgical problems and tropical paediatric medicine are also covered in this book. All parts contain up-to-date and appropriate information written by practising paediatricians who are each acknowledged specialists in their own field. This textbook will fast become an indispensable guide to the specialty for all trainee
paediatricians in preparation for the MRCPCH examination and beyond.





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Practical Paediatric Problems A Textbook for MRCPCH new editio

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