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 All American 25X-120V electric autoclave sterilizer.

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PostSubject: All American 25X-120V electric autoclave sterilizer.   Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:59 pm

  • 120 volt electric sterilizer
  • Large sterilizing capacity - 25 quarts
  • Exclusive metal to metal seal
  • Automatic operation
All American 25X-120V electric sterilizer. 25 quart liquid capacity.
This compact and portable unit will quickly pay its low cost in the
saving of time alone. There are no additional supplies to purchase, nor
is there any maintenance cost other than electric power consumed. The
sterilizer is made of high quality cast aluminum alloy, with all the
special features of the famous All-American Pressure Cookers. The
portable electric automatic sterilizer meets all requirements for
physicians, dentists, first aid stations, hospital and laboratories. It
will provide a complete and efficient sterilization facility at an
extremely low cost. The All-American Sterilizer is automatic in
operation, controlled by a Fenwal thermostat of 250 degrees F. or 15
P.S.I., it penetrates the bandages or instruments, making them sterile
in 30 minutes. (Note: Sterilization time count begins when temperature
and pressure levels are reached. Operational on 50HZ or 60HZ. Calrod
Immersion heating element 120 volt AC, 1050 watt, 8 3/4 amps. Fenwal
thermostatic control. Heavy cast aluminum cover & bottom
construction. Aluminum alloy seamless inset container. Aluminum rack.
Flexible metal exhaust tube. Dial gauge and control valve.
Metal-to-metal seal (no rubber gaskets.) Large sterilizing capacity (831
cubic inches.) Complete and effective sterilization at the lowest
possible cost. 3-wire grounded cord and plug for safety.


Overall acme - 16 3/4"
Chamber Dimension - 11.125" dia x 8.5" deep
Chamber close accommodation (inside tray) 13.7 liters, and alien accommodation (without tray) 24 liters
Voltage 110 1050W
40-45 account to calefaction up
Weight 29#
Heavy Cast Aluminum Cover and Bottom Construction
Aluminum Alloy Seamless Inset Container
Cast Aluminum Rack
Flexible Metal Exhaust Tube
Metal-To-Metal Seal (No Rubber Gasket)
Complete/Effective Sterilization at the Lowest Possible Cost
3 Wire Grounded Plug for Safety
Maximum burden 20psi
Maximum temperature 259 f

All American Steam Autoclaves
All American Autoclaves are the atomic big-ticket autoclaves you can find.
Extremely simple to use and operate.
Unusual ample alcove size.
Very accepted amid Veterinarians, Podiatrists, and Bio Medical Manufacturers.
Hardly anytime breaks.
Very few parts.
Very accessible to alter genitalia back needed.
Low maintenece cost.
Use tap water.


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All American 25X-120V electric autoclave sterilizer.

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