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 On Hemorrhoids (Brigham Young University - Medical Works of Moses Maimonides)

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PostSubject: On Hemorrhoids (Brigham Young University - Medical Works of Moses Maimonides)   Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:14 pm

Most Common Causes of Hemorrhoids

The causes of hemorrhoids may vary from one individual to
another. There's no single factor that can cause them to appear. In this
article, let's learn about the most common cause of hemorrhoids
according to experts.
1. Constipation
Hard stools passing
through your system can put too much pressure on the veins and causes
them to swell. When this happens, hemorrhoids appear. The best thing to
do to avoid this is by altering your diet. Make sure that you cut back
on foods that may cause constipation such as meat, pizza, potatoes, and
cheeses. Meanwhile, increase your intake of fiber as it will enhance
digestion and help relieve constipation. When you go to the toilet, just
take your time. Allowing nature to take its course really can help
prevents hemorrhoids forming.
2. Diarrhea
Just as
constipation is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids, so is diarrhea.
You see frequent passing of stools puts a lot of pressure on the lower
part of the body making the veins constrict and swell. Again, it is best
to be cautious about the food that you eat. Also, remember to wash your
hands before picking something to put into your mouth. These are simple
ways on how you can avoid getting diarrhea, which in turn prevents
3. Wrong Sitting Position On The Toilet.
Yes even a seemingly mundane thing such as sitting on the toilet can be one of the reasons we develop hemorrhoids. When
you're doing your business, the right way to sit is as follows - Sit
normally first, then raise the feet on tiptoes and the balls of your
feet (front part). After which, bend forward and rest your elbows to
your knees. Doing this will allow you to past stools a lot easier. The
less effort you exert, the less likely the odds are of you developing
4. Pregnancy
Pregnant women commonly develop
hemorrhoids. This is due to the increased pressure exerted on the veins
in the pelvic region. Piles also appear after delivery due to the
pressure put on the lower region when the baby is being pushed out.
These are the common causes of hemorrhoids among moms-to-be.
5. Weight Problems
overweight can be disadvantageous in many ways and one of them is
making you prone to having piles. The excess weight you carry when you
sit, stand, or walk can put extra strain on the lower region of your
body and weaken the veins. These become the primary causes of
hemorrhoids. Make sure to watch your weight and keep it on a healthy
So as you can see there are several possible causes of
hemorrhoids but given the proper information most people can treat
hemorrhoids effectively and take simple precautions that will prevent
them in the first place.

Use a natural fast acting hemorrhoid treatment to finally get rid of this condition.

Article Source:

On Hemorrhoids (Brigham Young University - Medical Works of Moses Maimonides)

Moshe ben Maimon, better known as Moses Maimonides, is among the
most celebrated rabbis in the history of Judaism, and the author of
works in Arabic on many subjects, including influential philosophical
and medical treatises. On Hemorrhoids is one of these texts,
written for a young man of a noble family who was seeking a regimen to
help him treat his hemorrhoids. While not the first to write on this
subject, Maimonides’s work bears his personal stamp with his emphasis on
dietetics, which plays a primary role in so many of his other medical
writings. He warns against hastily treating the painful condition with
drastic measures such as bleeding and surgery, instead encouraging more
cautious treatments like a change in diet. He also advises his patient
that if more extreme actions need to be taken, then Maimonides himself
must be present.
Unlike other modern editions of this important work, this edition of On Hemorrhoids takes
into account all the extant Arabic and Judeo-Arabic manuscripts. The
book includes critical editions of medieval Hebrew and Latin
translations and a glossary of medical terms.




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On Hemorrhoids (Brigham Young University - Medical Works of Moses Maimonides)

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