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PostSubject: HUSBAND & REZNEK’S IMAGING in ONCOLOGY Free Download   Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:21 am

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Husband and Reznek's Imaging in Oncology, 3rd edition

n recent years there has been recognition of the central role of imaging in the management of patients with cancer. The third edition of this widely acclaimed book builds on the foundations laid down by the first edition, the 1998 winner of the Royal Society's award for the Multi-author Textbook of the Year, and the second (2004). The core of the book deals with the application of imaging in all tumours. An extensively referenced, evidence-based analysis is given of the role of imaging in planning treatment. Experienced opinion is provided as to the advantages and limitations of all relevant imaging modalities including ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET/CT and other nuclear medicine techniques.

Imaging in the recognition of metastatic disease is covered in detail with chapters detailing the range of appearances of deposits in each organ. Much attention is given to the differential diagnosis of focal pathology in each organ in patients with underlying malignancy and useful protocols for the performance of the study provided.

While including a section on new horizons in cancer imaging, such as the imaging of angiogenesis, MR lymphography and the rapidly evolving field of molecular imaging, the editors have not neglected the more traditional general principles of cancer behaviour and imaging. Hence, an outline of cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy is provided by experts. As therapy becomes more successful, increasingly important issues for the radiologist such as the assessment of response, the effect of treatment on normal tissues, the complications of treatment, and the risk of second malignancies are presented.

There are several outstanding features to this book: the colour diagrams of the staging systems are exquisite and allow the often complex systems to be understood easily and memorized; the organization of the book into different, clearly defined sections allow it to be used not only as a reliable reference text, but also to be read easily; key points and summaries in point form are provided throughout for quick revision.

This comprehensive book will not only be essential reading for all radiologists, but also important for all members of a multidisciplinary team looking after patients with cancer.
Imaging is fundamental to the management of almost all patients
with cancer. It has important roles in screening of asymptomatic
patients, diagnosis or exclusion of cancer in patients with symptoms,
determining the extent of disease, selection of appropriate
treatments, targeting of treatments to the right location, monitoring
of response to treatment and detection of recurrence and
metastasis. In addition, interventional radiology is increasingly
playing a part in the direct treatment of cancer.
Imaging of cancer has developed remarkably during the 30 years
of my career. CT was first introduced in the 1970s, MRI scanning
in the 1980s, PET scanning in the 1990s and more recently the
fusion of functional and anatomic imaging as with PET-CT. In
addition to these major landmarks, incremental improvements in
each technology have been introduced at more frequent intervals.
The knowledge base related to imaging has also grown hugely,
helping to define the optimal use of each modality for different
Given the diverse roles of imaging in the management of cancer
and the rapid developments, it is unsurprising that radiologists
are key members of specialist multidisciplinary cancer teams,
working alongside pathologists, surgeons, oncologists, nurse
specialists, palliative care specialists and others. During my training
as a medical oncologist and subsequently as a consultant I was
fortunate to work in several specialist cancer teams. Several of the
authors of this textbook were members of those teams. Through
them I have come to know how vital the expertise of the radiologist
is to high-quality patient care. Equally I know that to undertake
their role fully, radiologists need to keep up-to-date with progress
on cancer generally and particularly with developments in their
own discipline. Other cancer clinicians also need to keep abreast
of developments in cancer imaging.
This third edition of Imaging in Oncology will be of enormous
value both to radiologists and to other members of specialist
cancer teams. The two editors, Janet Husband and Rodney Reznek,
are internationally recognized as leading experts and teachers in
their field. Alongside their own contributions to this textbook
they have brought together a truly impressive array of other
experts from across the world. The text is both authoritative and
highly readable. Each chapter has a valuable introductory section
as well as detailed information on imaging techniques. The illustrations
are excellent, as are the lists of key points throughout the
In short this is a remarkable textbook. I strongly commend it
both to radiologists working in the field of cancer and to their
colleagues in specialist cancer teams.
Professor Mike Richards
National Cancer Director, England

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