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 Diagnostic Atlas of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Free Download

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PostSubject: Diagnostic Atlas of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Free Download   Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:59 am

Diagnostic Atlas of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: A New Histology-based Method Hardcover
by Parakrama T. Chandrasoma (Author)

This diagnostic atlas of GERD is an outstanding, beautifully illustrated contribution to the literature. It contains many thought-provoking pearls, and clinicians and pathologists interested in upper GI disease will benefit from its presence on their bookshelves
Gastroesophageal reflux is one of the most common diseases of mankind. Approximately 40 % of the adult population of the United States suffers from significant heartburn and many antacids advertised incessantly on national television represents a drug market $ 8,000 million per year. The ability to control acid secretion with more effective anti - acid agents , such as H2 blockers ( Pepcid , Zantac ) inhibitors and inhibitors of proton pump (Nexium , Prevacid )GIT Reflux  gave physicians an excellent method to treat symptoms of acid reflux or GIT Reflux.

Unfortunately,GIT Reflux this has not eradicated reflux disease . GIT Reflux, He just changed its nature. Although stomach ulcers and burns restrictions have become rare , adenocarcinoma induced esophageal reflux is most common . Adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and gastric cardia is now the fastest growing type in the Western world cancer.

GIT Reflux At present , GIT Reflux there is no histologic evidence has practical value in the diagnosis of reflux disease .GIT Reflux , The only histologic diagnostic criteria are related to changes in the squamous epithelium that are too sensitive and not specific for the effective management of the patient. It is widely recognized that columnar metaplasia of the esophagus ( histologically oxyntocardiac manifest as cardiac and intestinal epithelium ) is caused by reflux .GIT Reflux,  However, except for the intestinal metaplasia , which is for the diagnosis of Barrett's esophagus epithelia these columns are not used to diagnose the condition of reflux in the biopsies . GIT Reflux,The reason for this is that these epithelial types are indistinguishable from "normal" ' cardiac gastric mucosa . " In standard histological texts,GIT Reflux,  this " normal gastric cardia " is 2-3 cm long.

GIT Reflux ,In mid- 1990, Dr. Chandrasoma and his team at USC produced autopsy data suggest that cardiac mucosa and is usually absent oxyntocardiac in this region and that their presence in biopsies histological evidence of reflux disease .GIT Reflux,  From these data , it was determined that the presence of a cardiac mucosa is a pathological condition caused by reflux can be used as a criterion for highly specific and sensitive for the diagnosis of disease diagnosis reflux histologically .GIT Reflux,  They call this entity " reflux carditis " .GIT Reflux,  Further, the length of these metaplastic columnar epithelium in the esophagus was a precise gravity reflux disease in a given patient measurement.

At present, there is some controversy as to whether cardiac mucosa is usually completely absent or present in the measurement of 0-4 mm. GIT Reflux, Although this should not be an obstacle to the development of criteria that depend on the existence of typically 20 to 30 cm of cardiac mucosa , there have been few attempts to integrate the existing endoscopic change and diagnostic pathologic criteria during gastroenterology or pathology is .

GIT Reflux, The ATLAS will be the source of easily digestible for pathologists faced with biopsies from the region of practical information. It will also guide gastroenterologists biopsy these patients.
GIT Reflux
* The American Gastroenterological Association GIT Reflux, states that there are 14,500 members worldwide who practice physicians and scientists who research, diagnose and treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and liver GIT Reflux.
* According to the American Society of Clinical Pathology ,GIT Reflux  there are 12,000 board certified pathologists in the U.S.
* Adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and gastric cardia is now the fastest type of cancer in the western world growth
* Approximately 40 % of the adult population of the United States suffers from significant heartburn and the numerous antacids advertised on national television a year drug market of $ 8,000,000,000

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Diagnostic Atlas of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Free Download

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