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PostSubject: DEVELOP THE RIGHT MINDSET FOR SUCCEEDING    Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:42 pm

If you want to make it as a successful forex trader, you need to develop the right mindset. Nobody is a born trader (except with few notable exceptions) and even if someone has some inherent skills which are very essential to succeed in forex trade like patience and keen foresight, he needs to hone or sharpen those skills by exploiting them to his advantage. Furthermore, he needs to cultivate and develop other vital attributes so very necessary for succeeding in forex venture. 
Dabbling in forex and dealing in forex markets is unlike dealing in other kind of financial markets. It is not only the largest of all types of markets but also the most volatile and precarious as well. You need to apprentice and train yourself thoroughly before you attain the level of confidence to deal in forex trade. You also need to formulate and develop a well-planned trading strategy that will help you to stay the course through thick and thin. Following are the attributes that all successful forex traders possess that you can refer to as a checklist :- 

  • Successful traders do not let emotions cloud their judgment: -We have all been brought up on counsels that we should not be overly and overtly emotional in our dealings. In fact, we have been cautioned so many times that more often than not we take such admonitions with a pinch of salt. But when we are trading in forex, we need to be extra cautious and not let emotions like fear, greed or impulsiveness get the better of us. Remember, that the market does not treat emotional persons deferentially but treats everybody rich or poor, old or young impartially.
  • Effective traders follow a strict regimen and are much disciplined: -All successful traders share this trait. They develop a well-crafted trading strategy and follow the same at all odds. And you too should chalk out your trading strategy much before you actually start trading. Once you start trading and stick to your strategy under all circumstances, you’ll be able to steer clear of the emotional pitfalls that most new traders fall prey to.
  • Successful traders have the wherewithal and the resources: - All those who have been trading in currency pairs have lost their initial deposits many times over. They are fully acquainted with the unpredictability and the instability associated with forex markets. Many times, traders with small trading accounts try to contain and minimize losses by increasing their leverages or spreads that more often than not aggravates their losses. Have enough capital ready for trading and trade sensibly because it does not make good business sense to keep your trading account afloat by keeping it on life support.
  • Clarity of vision and realistic goals: -You should know where you’re headed to as most accomplished traders do. Many traders get down to trading just for the heck of it with some abstract impressions as if it were some sort of gambling venture. Of course, gambling and speculating is very much a part of it but there’s more to forex trade. You need to be thoroughly educated on the forex tools and need to review the markets through fundamental and technical analyses. Without proper set of goals and clarity of vision, you will tend to take more risks than usual and will be tempted to keep on trading when you’re on a winning streak which can be spell disaster.

  • Behind every successful broker, there’s a reliable broker: -This is perhaps the most important requirement to trade effectively.
  • Thorough education and expertise: -It goes without saying that you need to be fully aware about the pros and cons of forex trading. You need to enroll for a refresher course and become knowledgeable enough to choose the right broker, formulate your trading strategy and help you to develop the attributes mentioned above to excel in forex trading.

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