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 Trailing stop system

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Trailing stop system Empty
PostSubject: Trailing stop system   Trailing stop system Icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2015 7:35 am

Trailing stop implies a number of points which will be used by your broker for shifting your stop order alongside with the market trend. 

For instance, if you have placed an order by N number of points: 

To make maximum profit from employing trailing stop, you should observe the following rules:

 The second rule is of primary importance. Yet a trader is recommended to apply both of them. 

Unlike stop loss, trailing stop implies an open position and is executed in the Client Terminal, not on the server. Consequently, if a trader switches his/her computer off, trailing stop ceases to function. When the terminal is switched off, there is only a stop signal, set by the trailing stop order, possible to go off. 

Trailing stop order is widely used on retail Forex and other exchanging and over-the-counter markets. 

1.MetaTrader will not produce any actions until the position gains N points of profit. Then MetaTrader will set a stop order at the distance equal to N number of points from the current price. 

2.When MetaTrader receives a quotation at which the distance between the current price and the placed stop order exceeds N amount of points, it directs a command to alter the stop order for a distance of N points from the present price. Thus, your stop order approaches the current price by N points. 

1.Stop order is a maximum amount of money you are ready to lose for one go of your strategy. 

2.You can place a stop order only to the point where the trend takes a direction unprofitable to you. 

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Trailing stop system

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