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 Female Reproductive Health

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Female Reproductive Health Empty
PostSubject: Female Reproductive Health   Female Reproductive Health Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 7:42 pm

Female Reproductive Health


looking for a book on female reproductive health, you may find weighty
tomes of 800 pages or more devoted to a single topic, for example:
contraception, infertility, or menopause. Or you may find a general
gynecology book that covers reproductive gynecology, but not in depth.
Some books may be too theoretical and others too basic. You may find a piece of
what you need in every book, but not everything you need in a single
book. Until now.Female Reproductive Health provides a careful blend of
basic science and clinical information. The authors answer everyday
practical questions arising out of everyday practical issues. The book covers
the entire range of reproductive health from anatomy and physiology, to
sexually transmitted diseases, to hormone replacement therapy, to
breast conditions, to sexual function and dysfunction. It contains
tables that supply the statistics doctors need on risks/benefits, incidence/prevalence, success rates
for assisted reproduction, and more. As an ob/gyn student, resident, or
busy family doctor, you don’t have time to search through several
different books for information. Written by a practitioner for fellow
practitioners, the book gives you hands-on advice that you can apply
immediately. Female Reproductive Health makes it easy to find the
information you need when you need it


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Female Reproductive Health

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